NBA Betting Picks for 1/25/22 Banker and Parlay

By @SpreadAstaire

We cashed our Banker yesterday! Let’s try to keep the streak going with more winning NBA picks. The NBA scheduled a nine-game slate for Tuesday night. Usually Tuesdays are slower nights in the association, so it’s fun to be able to have so many games to choose from. After breaking down all the games, I found the best games to approach in order to make the winning Banker and 2-team parlay.

Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors

At 34-13, the Warriors are in second place in the Western Conference. The Warriors have won three of their last five albeit against less-than-stellar competition. The Warriors are struggling right now with injuries. Draymond Green is still out, Klay Thompson is questionable for tonight, and Steph Curry is playing through an injured hand that has definitely decreased his scoring output. Curry had only 13 points on Sunday night. He has only shot 35% from the field and 27% from 3 over the last 10 games. For the first 33 games he averaged 27.7 points, over the last 10 he’s just averaging 20.1 points per game.

This is in direct contrast to the Mavericks who are getting hot. The Mavericks’ wins are the direct results of their excellent defense. In their last 14 games, they’ve held their opponents to under 100 points 10 times. This bodes well going against the Warriors team that is struggling with their offense right now. Dallas is 3-0 in San Francisco since the Warriors opened the Chase Center.

The Warriors are simply not the same team without Draymond Green. With Steph Curry playing through an injured hand, they’ve lost their offensive firepower that they need so desperately without Green in the lineup. The Dallas Mavericks are finding their form right now and playing their best basketball of the season, especially on the defensive end. I expect that Chase Center streak to continue tonight, but just in case, we will take the three and a half points of NBA odds. Today’s Banker is the Dallas Mavericks +3.5.

Banker: Dallas Mavericks +3.5 at -110 (1.91) at BetUS

2-Team Parlay

Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are returning Anthony Davis to the lineup tonight, but let’s see how much impact he has in his first game back. The Lakers will probably be careful with AD’s minutes and also make a concerted effort to try and integrate him into the offense. This will be in contrast to the Brooklyn Nets, who know that their offense is running through James Harden, who thrives with the ball in his hands.

The return of Davis is important, and I expect the Lakers to get back to being a top-level team with Davis back in the lineup, but I think that it is a little farfetched to expect that he will come in and make an instant impact in his first game back. Brooklyn should be fired up for this game and it’s a great opportunity for Harden to prove that he is still a top player in the NBA. Plus we are getting an NBA odds of three points. The first half of the two-team parlay is Brooklyn Nets +3.

Sacramento Kings vs Boston Celtics

You guys know that I enjoy fading my hometown Sacramento Kings. But this is too many points of NBA odds for the inconsistent Boston Celtics to be laying. Jayson Tatum scored 51 points in their last win, but as we have seen this season from the Celtics, they do not handle success very well. I expect they might come in overconfident or look past the lowly Sacramento Kings. While the Celtics will probably get the victory, and the King’s money line does not interest me, 8.5 points of NBA odds is far too much. The second half of our 2-team parlay is the Sacramento Kings +8.5.

Parlay: Brooklyn Nets +3/Sacramento Kings +8.5 at +265 (3.65) at BetUS

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