NBA Betting Picks for 1/13/22 Banker and Parlay

By @SpreadAstaire

We have a 5-game slate tonight in the NBA, plenty of action to find the winning NBA picks. There are fun, interesting matchups to find the winning Banker and 2-team parlay.

Clippers vs New Orleans Pelicans

The Los Angeles Clippers have been an interesting team this season I feel my numbers go back and forth between overrating and underrating this team. I think this is a testament to their inconsistency. On certain nights, they look to be very good, and then other night they looked at not have the talent to be able to compete. The Clippers were able to come back even though they were down by 25 points to get a win over the Nuggets on Tuesday night. Los Angeles started the game absolutely terribly against Denver, scoring only 28 points in the first half. But they showed resilience in fighting spirit in coming back to get the win. The Clippers are adjusting to life without Superstar Paul George, and after a tough start, they seem to be adjusting and thriving in their new roles.

New Orleans Pelicans are also coming off an exciting victory as Brandon Ingram was able to hit the game-winning shot to propel them to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves won 128-125. It was a necessary win for the Pelicans who had dropped four of their last five games before the victory. Brandon Ingram was key to the game, scoring 10 of the last 11 points for New Orleans.

I think Ingram will have a tougher night against the Clippers and their more cohesive defense. The Timberwolves are up-and-coming team on the rise, but they still have yet to understand the importance of giving maximum effort on defense consistently. The Clippers have overachieved over the past couple years in spite of injuries, due to their commitment on the defensive end.

I believe we will see that commitment tonight. Although the Clippers roster isn’t flashy, they play well together. I’m still not a fan of the Timberwolves roster construction and although Brandon Ingram can lead the team to huge nights, I don’t expect him to do it night in and night out, especially against the league’s better defensive teams. The Clippers commitment on the defensive end will get things done tonight. Tonight’s Banker is the Los Angeles Clippers + 3.5.

Banker: Los Angeles Clippers +3.5 at -110 (1.91) at BetUS

2-Team Parlay

Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota Timberwolves

The Memphis Grizzlies have won 10 in a row, and I’m not getting in front of this streak! You could call this a letdown spot, but I feel like the Grizzlies something to prove and will continue to give me excellent effort every night. Even with the Grizzlies being top 4 in the Western Conference standings, they are not mentioned by many observers as a true title contender. This slight will fuel the team to give a great effort night in and night out, and makes it very easy to continue backing this winning team

This is a tough pick because I am higher on the Timberwolves than most. Their starting lineup has one of the best and net ratings in the league. Still, they’re learning how to win. They have consistently failed to have success as a franchise. Also, this is a tough spot for them on the road, after a grueling high-paced loss against the Pelicans. This will be the fourth game on the road trip and fatigue is starting to set in. The first half of the two-team parlay -4.5.

Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks

My handicap here is very simple. As long as Draymond Green is out, I think the Warriors are overvalued because of how much he means to his team. Green’s absence really hurts the Warriors defense. Going against the Milwaukee Bucks team that should be returning to Jrue Holiday, this is going to be very tough game for Golden State. All eyes will be on this matchup as a potential NBA Finals preview, but Milwaukee is close to full strength while Golden State is missing one of their big three. It’s too bad that Draymond miss this marquee matchup, but we will take advantage of the Warriors misfortune. The second half is the Milwaukee Bucks – 1.5

Parlay: Memphis Grizzlies -4.5/Milwaukee Bucks -1.5 at +265 (3.65) at BetUS

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