NBA Betting Picks for 12/2/21 Banker and Parlay

By @SpreadAstaire

We got back on track last night with another winning Banker provided to you by BetWithUs. We have a 5-game slate tonight. But that’s plenty of NBA action for us to find another winning banker and cash a two-team parlay.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Memphis Grizzlies

The Oklahoma City Thunder are on a seven-game losing streak. They don’t win many games. However, what they do is cover spreads. In those seven losses they covered the spread five games out of the seven. The Thunder may not win but they do keep it close.

The Memphis Grizzlies also are pretty good against the spread. Oklahoma City is 13-8 against the spread on the year and Memphis is 12-9. Memphis is entering a stretch without Ja Morant and while the team can suffer a quick bump when a star is out, over the long term it starts to wear on the players.

Oklahoma City is getting a generous 9 points tonight and I expect them to cover that spread. The Thunder have been playing tough basketball against his opponents, they just often fall short at the very end. I expect tonight’s game to be one of those situations. Tonight’s Banker is the Oklahoma City Thunder +9.

Banker: Oklahoma City Thunder +9 at -110 (1.91) with BetUS

2-Team Parlay

Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks

The Knicks will be attempting to rebound from a tough loss in Brooklyn on Tuesday night. Unfortunately for the Knicks, they are playing a balanced Bulls team with plenty of offensive firepower. While the Knicks do play good defense, in the NBA, good offense beats good defense.

The Bulls have so many better options in a close game down the stretch and I expect them to get it done against a Knicks team that while good, is not ready to compete with the elite of the East. The Bulls look ready to enter that conversation with the increased defensive ability brought by Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso this season. The first half of the two-team parlay will be Chicago Bulls -2.

Phoenix Suns vs Detroit Pistons

The Phoenix Suns are in the classic letdown spot coming off their huge win over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. The Sun have more big games against Western Conference rivals coming up, so it is only natural for them to look past this game. NBA players and coaches aren’t worried about point spreads like we are, they just want to get the win.

Coach Monty Williams will excuse this team being in a flat spot because he understands the team cannot keep its pedal on foot on the pedal of the gas for an 82-game season. Effort and intensity ebbs and flows in an NBA season, and this is a natural lull here for the Suns. The Pistons have a young athletic team that just doesn’t really have much in the way of basketball skills.

They do have a great collection of athletes however and should be able to at least keep pace with a Phoenix team that will probably not have their full focus on his game. Cade Cunningham is coming along and showing why he deserves to be the number one pick in the NBA draft this season. The Pistons will likely lose this game, but they will lose within the margin of the NBA odds. To finish the two-team parlay we will take the Detroit Pistons +13

2-Team Parlay: Chicago Bulls -2/Detroit Pistons +13 at +265 (3.65) with BetUS

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