NBA Betting Picks for 11/19/21 Banker and Parlay

By @SpreadAstaire

It’s Friday night and the NBA has the schedule filled up with exciting games. I’ve examined the NBA odds and found the biggest edges to form our banker and 2-team parlay.

Dallas Mavericks vs Phoenix Suns

These two teams met on Wednesday. We added them to our 2 Team Parlay using the theory of “Superstar Subtraction”. It was close, but we got the cover as the Mavericks lost by seven while catching eight points of NBA odds. But Superstar Subtraction is similar to an event headlined by Frank Sinatra…For One Night Only!

The Mavericks experienced the bump I expected and had a chance to win the game outright before the Phoenix Suns pulled ahead to get the victory. Tonight, comes the letdown. Tonight, the reality sets in that this team cannot compete with the best of the West without their star Luka Doncic. Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis has been playing better, but he is not enough to lead the Mavericks to victory over a Phoenix team that once again looks to be a top seed in the Western Conference.

DeAndre Ayton is back for the Phoenix Suns and his presence down low means a lot to this team. Ayton is a consistent post scorer and a versatile defender. He can rim protect and move outside to defend on the perimeter if necessary. The Mavericks would have had a shortage of talent in this matchup even without Luka Doncic, but tonight it will be overwhelming. Take the Phoenix Suns to win by margin. My banker is the Phoenix Suns -7.5.

Banker: Phoenix Suns – 7.5 at -110 (1.91)

2-Team Parlay

Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics

We have a unique situation where my next two biggest edges come from the same game. I know the phrase “same game parlay” has become very popular amongst the gambling lexicon, so hey, why don’t we join the fun?!

The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are two historic franchises struggling to meet the expectations produced by their talented rosters. The Celtics have been a perennial Eastern Conference Contender, and with new coach Ime Udoka, they are hoping to transition into back to the top of the East. Los Angeles Lakers have always been able to attract star power to the flashy streets of Hollywood. With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, the expectations are championship-or-bust.

Neither team has been meeting expectations so far, but it’s early in the season and both teams have plenty of time to develop the chemistry needed to make a strong playoff run. Yet both would like to get the win in this high-profile game tonight to create some momentum to get them out of the doldrums that both teams are experiencing early this season.

As far as the side is concerned, I like the Boston Celtics here. The Lakers will be excited by the return of their leader, but it will take time to implement him back into the system that they were already struggling to implement before the injury.

James and Westbrook are both ball dominant players and as with many great players teaming up, there is a learning curve and understanding how to play with each other. Celtics know that their leader is Jayson Tatum and will run the offense through him in crunch time. The Celtics have a great opportunity here to take advantage of a team that has not yet established continuity and get a high-profile win on national TV. The first half of the parlay is the Boston Celtics – 1.

LeBron James is an older basketball player with the best basketball IQ that I have seen since Lakers great Magic Johnson. LeBron takes advantage of this IQ by slowing down the pace of the basketball game and using his intellect in the half court setting to always find a advantage matchup for himself and his teammates.

While Westbrook likes to grab & go, LeBron prefers to take it slow. LeBron’s return and cerebral approach to this game will slow the pace in a league that has been going under the game total consistently. The NBA implemented necessary and enjoyable rule changes. Without ticky tack files being called on every play, players are forced to use their athleticism and creative finishing to score rather than bait the referees into getting to the free throw line. Both of these situations point the one thing for this game… under. The second half of my 2 Team Parlay is the Lakers/Celtics under.

2-Team Parlay: Boston Celtics -1 and Lakers/Celtics under 213.5 +260 (3.6)

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