NBA Betting Picks for 11/4/21 Banker and Parlay

By @SpreadAstaire

We had a great day in the NBA yesterday! Let’s try and keep the good times rolling with another
Banker and 2-team parlay. It’s only a five-game NBA slate but I’ve dug deep trying to find some
more NBA winners.

Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns

After a fantastic draft class, I thought the Rockets would be a tough team to face against the
spread. So far that is turned out to be true as they have covered three of their last four outings.
They most recently played a two-game set in LA and snuck out a cover in the first game and
then almost won outright in the second.

Houston just began a total rebuild so these growing pains were to be expected. The vibe around
the team is good however as the players seemed encouraged. The players understand that
their development is more crucial than the wins and losses at this point in the rebuild.
The Phoenix Suns seem to be suffering a bit of a hangover from last season. They have not
been their usual selves to start this season. They’re posting a -2.2 and net rating so far this
season with a 3-3 record.

I expected this team to have some turmoil with allegations circling around ownership and their
weird decision to not extend star center and key contributor Deandre Ayton. Ayton is currently
on the injury report, and one has to wonder if Ayton is hesitant to play through an injury for a
team that refuses to commit to him. After Ayton’s star performance last season, it is befuddling
to me that they did not extend his contract.

Suns ownership has always had a reputation for being cheap and once again that reputation
rears its ugly head. This turmoil surrounding the team I believe is contributing to their slow start.
While they will probably eventually figure it out, for now, I cannot lay double digits with this team,
even against the Rockets team that has yet to win a game.

The Rockets will keep this game close and definitely are hungry for their first win. The Rockets
have a glut of talented scorers, they just struggle on the defensive end. Rockets will look to
outscore a Phoenix team that has yet to find its stride and will cover the spread today. Today’s
Banker is the Houston Rockets.

Banker: Houston Rockets +10.5 at -113 (1.88)

Utah Jazz vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Jazz have been playing the best basketball of any Western Conference team this season
so far. They have the best net rating it 11.9. The Hawks have a net rating of 0.0. The Hawks will
improve but they are not at their best right now. Their team is banged up from a late run in the
postseason last year. The Hawks are also working through the reintegration of Cam Reddish
and DeAndre Hunter, 2 talented young forwards who missed significant time last season. Trae
Young is struggling through the new interpretations of the rules, which don’t allow him to get to
the free-throw line so easily.

The Jazz come into tonight’s game in much better form, and I believe they will get the job done
tonight in Atlanta. The first half of today’s parlay is the Utah Jazz.

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics

The Jazz are the best team in the West; the Heat are currently the class of the East. They have
an astounding net rating of 16.7. Boston comes in with a net rating of -3.5. The Celtics turned
things around against Orlando last night getting a 13-point victory. But beating one of the worst
teams in the league is not enough for me to inspire confidence going against the class of the

Boston is dealing with the transition to a new head coach. The team has already had a bit of
turmoil with Marcus Smart accusing the team leaders Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown of not
passing and looking for their teammates often enough. This will present them with a tough task
going against the Heat team that is fully committed to each other, playing team basketball, and
has a definite and clear understanding of the roles.

Boston played last night, while Miami had the night off after beating Dallas on Tuesday. Miami is
playing the best basketball in the NBA right now and we will back them again tonight. The
second half of this parlay is the Miami Heat.

2-Team Parlay: Jazz -1.5/Heat -6 at +260 (3.6)

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