NBA Betting Picks for 11/3/21 Banker and Parlay

We have an action-packed NBA card waiting for us this Wednesday evening. Let’s look at the
best opportunities to cash another banker and 2-team parlay.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets

The Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets both started the season 4-3. Both teams have designs on
winning the Eastern Conference so this game could be pivotal for determining home court
advantage in the playoffs. Brooklyn isn’t off to the best start of the season. They are struggling
to figure out the proper rotations of big men to complement Kevin Durant and James Harden.
Harden is off to a slow start to the season but had his best game in their recent victory over the
Detroit Pistons. If Harden continues to improve to his old MVP level of play this team can be
very dangerous.

The Atlanta Hawks are coming off a seven-point win over the Wizards. The Hawks are another
team we have high hopes for that has yet to play to their potential this season. Against the
Wizards, they had many lulls, and this team was not able to put together a complete defensive
effort for 48 minutes. Atlanta returns most players from last season so there isn’t a continuity
issue here. After both teams had extended trips into the postseason last year, it is safe to say
that both teams are playing themselves into shape and playing away the rust this season.

Like most previews involving the Nets, it is hard to see how the Hawks match up with Kevin
Durant. The Hawks best defender is DeAndre Hunter, but even at his excellent level of
defensive play, he is no match for the scoring genius that is Kevin Durant. Durant can’t carry the
team alone, however. He will need help from James Harden, who looks better and better each
game. Harden lamented his inability to play pick-up to get himself into shape during the
offseason, so he is playing himself into form to begin the regular season. Harden should be able
to get back to his high level of play by Christmas, when the NBA season really begins to pick

While the Hawks have the deeper team, the Nets have better superstars and should be able to
outduel the Hawks proficient scoring options. As both teams round into form, this is a matchup
that they will be up for with its playoff seeding implications.

I do believe when Brooklyn finally gels, they will be the elite team in the East. This will be an
opportunity to prove it. Tonight’s Banker is the Brooklyn Nets -5.

Banker: Brooklyn Nets -5 at -113 (1.88)

2-Team Parlay

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers are off to a rough start this season. They are 3-4 under new head coach Chauncey
Billups and 0-3 away from the Rose Garden in Portland. What a difference expectation makes;
the Blazers fans are panicking while Cleveland fans are really excited about the Cavaliers 4-4

The Blazers were expected to make a final push into title contention to try and keep Damian
Lillard. The Cavaliers are in the midst of a rebuild that many expect would take a year or two
before they are ready to jump into the playoffs. This year’s number 3 draft pick, Evan Mobley,
will be changing these expectations if he continues his high-level of play, however. The
Cavaliers now have what I have dubbed the “Triple Tower Attack” of Jared Allen, Evan Mobley,
and Lauri Markkanen in their frontcourt.

While most teams are going small, the Cavaliers are using this big front court very effectively.
The Cavaliers point guards have been consistent in their development as well. Both Darius
Garland and Collin Sexton provide excellent shot creation and playmaking ability off the dribble
in the half court.

The Blazers have never been a good road team. They are slumping and not playing their best
basketball. For the first half of this parlay, we are going to back a Cleveland team that is playing
well, has good vibes, and has the city excited about the progress the team is making. Until the
Blazers get back home, they are going to be a fade.

Golden State Warriors vs. Charlotte Hornets

The Warriors are off to a great start this season even though they are still waiting on the return
of All Star Klay Thompson. Their most recent outing was a 29-point win over the Oklahoma City
Thunder. The Warriors are 5-1 the season with their only loss being to their matchup nemesis,
the Memphis Grizzlies. Charlotte is 5-3 but have lost two of their last three. The Hornets are
struggling with their rotation. Emerging star Lamelo Ball has been benched for Ish Smith to
finish games in the last couple of outings.

The Hornets are a fun up-and-coming team by Eastern Conference standards, but the Warriors
are a true title contender by Western Conference standards. I’m going to lay it with the Warriors
at home.

2-Team Parlay: Cleveland Cavaliers +4/ Golden State Warriors -6 at +265 (3.65)

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