Top Betting Tips for Successful Betting

It is notoriously difficult to enjoy long-term success and generate continual profits as a sports
bettor. However, some savvy punters defy convention by regularly beating the bookmakers.
These tips can help you join that elite group:

Find the Best Odds

Hunting out the best odds on every game is crucial if you hope to earn a long-term profit when
betting on sport. You will be throwing away money if you regularly take below-average odds
on winning bets.

It helps to sign up for accounts with lots of different online sports betting sites. You can then
use an odds comparison tool on any game and quickly grab the best available price on a betting
option you like.

Look for Arbitrage Opportunities

Arbitrage allows you to earn a guaranteed profit regardless of the result. It is officially known
as Dutching, but it is now widely referred to as arbitrage, or arbing.

You essentially exploit discrepancies in the odds offered by rival sports betting sites and cover
both teams to win. You can then relax, safe in the knowledge that you will earn a profit, no
matter how the game pans out.

A good arbitrage calculator can tell you the precise amount to bet on each team to ensure you
secure the maximum profit.

Hedge Your Bets

You can earn yourself a guaranteed profit by hedging your bets. A good example is a futures
bet on the winner of the Champions League or the Super Bowl. If you bet on a team at 15.00
(14/1 or +1500) to win the Champions League at the start of the season, and that team reaches
the semi-finals, you could decide to bet on the other three teams left standing and lock in a
profit regardless of which team wins.

If your team reaches the Champions League final, it is worth betting on the opposing team to
guarantee a profit.

This is a pretty basic example of hedging your bets, but there are all sorts of hedges you can
perform as the lines shift in the build-up to a game, especially if you bet with multiple

It helps you think more clinically about generating a profit, as opposed to simply making
predictions and hoping for the best.

Find Opportunities to Fade the Public

You can unlock a great deal of value by going against the grain. Let’s say the sportsbooks
make the Dallas Cowboys the 2.5-point favorites to beat the New York Giants. If most NFL
fans bet on the Cowboys to cover the spread, the line will move.

This is because the sportsbooks try to balance their risk by encouraging a similar volume of
bets on each side. If everyone is betting on the Cowboys, they will make it less appealing to bet
on them and more appealing to bet on the Giants.

By the day of the game, you might find that the Cowboys are 4.5-point favorites, but nothing
has actually changed in terms of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two teams. You

might then decide to bet on the Giants to cover the 4.5-point spread. This is known as fading
the public. It is not foolproof, but it can allow you to bet on teams at improved terms.

Bet In-Play

Before the game, the odds compilers at the sports betting sites have all the time in the world to
crunch the numbers and set the lines. It can be difficult to beat them at their own game if you
have a job and a personal life.

However, when the action gets underway, they are reacting as quickly as you are to
developments. You can seize upon any mistake they make in the heat of the moment.

Betting in-play also allows you to get a feel for the game before betting on it. Does the
quarterback look fatigued in an NFL game? Does the defence look shaky in a soccer game?
Once you assess the action, you can bet from a position of strength.

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